Welcome to Greystring’s “One Time”

ONE TIME is the short music film based on the song with the same title by Greystring. It is exploring “alone in the crowd” theme.
The film is directed and edited by Yelena Gorn. Sound design is created by bitzone and motion graphics by Yelena Gorn. ONE TIME is dedicated to hopeless romantics and incurable poets.

An OrbWeb Studio production (2019).

Film Concept

ONE TIME was conceived as a sequence of images to accompany the original song
by Greystring. The concept of the film is to be a fragment, a part of some bigger feature film – emotional climax of the movie that tells the story of a woman, her life journey…

The linear beginning and end of her journey will remain a mystery…

Film Art

The film poster designed by Yelena Gorn.

Watch Trailer

ONE TIME is featuring magnificent footage of New York City by zxvisual from iStock by Getty Images. The film is juxtaposing the glorious beauty of the metropolis with hopes and dreams of just one person, hopes and dreams that are slipping away…

More Music

From “Dark Waters, Distant Shores” album